'Super Pill' Used By Military And Special Forces Insiders To Handle Stress, Increase Focus And To Gain Greater Energy

- Now Available To Selected Civilians.

Re: confidential dossier on super-pill used by elite front-line soldiers.

+ Soviet Military Secrets - revealed...


Dear Reader,

It's the secret pill that's used by some of the World's most famous bodyguards and elite military insiders...

Something that's whispered about on the front-lines, but which hasn't been available to the general public - until now.

If you're someone who wants to...

Explode your energy, like the time when you were 21, all over again...

Have the ability to focus like a laser beam on anything that you set your mind to...

Be able to ride out any stressful situation, like a special forces insider on a secret mission...

...then we'd like to invite you to discover more about this Military Mind Super-Pill.

But before I get into the full brief, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ian G, and our company, UKFightLab.com, has offered military-grade how-to-fight instructions from some of the World's best fighters for over 15 years now.

We've published information from bodyguards to billionaires...from close-protection officers who shielded members of the British royal family...right down to men who trained elite Pride fighters and special forces operatives.

But when we discovered this 'super pill', all bets were off.

It all started when we heard rumours that the Russian Special Forces were using a mysterious herb - harvested from the plains in Siberia - to garner a powerful and almost unfair mental 'edge' on the front-lines of fighting.

They were using this herb in a whole-manner of combat scenarios - and, apparently, it had become a hush-hush (yet highly researched) part of their battle arsenal.

We were deeply intrigued...

We put some feelers out.

Did some digging.

Instigated some reconnaissance.

And what we found - shocked us.

Turns out, the Russians were harvesting this herb from the hills of Siberia and secretly dosing it to their soldiers.

The results were incredible.

Their forces were reporting increased focus, energy and clarity, along with the ability to handle stress as easily as you'd pop your collar.

Smithsonian Magazine were one of the few 'traditional' mainstream media outlets that somehow picked up on the secret.

"...a Plant the Soviet Military Used in Secret Experiments" - Smithsonian Magazine

 "It was considered a Soviet military secret," noted Dr. Petra Illig.

Heck, there are also rumours their astronauts (cosmonauts) were also 'on' it.

But what is this herb?

It's called Rhodiola Rosea.

And when we heard about how the Russians were using it - we immediately dialed into some contacts we had...

...and tried to get the raw material from Russia.

But we faced a HUGE problem...

Acquiring REAL Rhodiola isn't easy.

Our initial mission to secure some of the swag was met with disappointment.

We inadvertently stumbled across some scoundrels who simply sold cheap 'rhodiola' that was weak, untested and ineffective.

But after more digging, we got lucky.

Through a unique contact, we managed to find a supply of REAL Rhodiola...harvested in Siberia in Russia.

This stuff is the real deal.

Military grade.

It's lab-tested for purity...ensuring it contains a high-content of the all-important Rosavins and Salidrosides that are found in the original herb used by the Russians.

But here's the thing.

As good as Rhodiola is...

It's NOT the only reason

I've written you this letter today...

Back to the 'Super Pill' I mentioned earlier - a pill that's being used by some of the World's most elite front-line operatives.

You see, this 'super pill' wasn't intended to be a knock-off of the Russian's secret herb...as good and effective as the 'Soviet Secret' may be.


In fact...

This new 'Super Pill' was made to BEAT THE PANTS OFF IT.

I don't know about you.

But whatever the Russians do - here in the West, I always want to go ONE better (if not two, or damn it...three).

The super pill I'm talking about is called Military Mind .

It's being used by our own Western elite operatives - and we believe it's even better than the Soviet Secret - containing, not only REAL Russian Rhodiola - but also MUCH more besides (and yes - that means it really DOES beat the pants off the Soviet Solider stuff)...

Military Mind is THE special operatives secret to more energy, more focus and the ability to handle stress like a warrior.

Military Mind absolutely does contain Russian Rhodiola (aka. The 'Soviet Secret') - tested for purity - but it contains much more besides.

Military Mind also contains...

Bacopa Monnieri a wunder-herb studied for powering up your memory...Ginkgo Biloba (at a whopping 50 times the usual strength) for increased blood flow to the brain (and more benefits besides)...and Ashwagandha Root for handling stress...plus Bioperine (a proven ingredient that works to increase absorption of all these Wunder-herbs together).

It's these elite-grade ingredients that have been combined and blended (together with the original Siberian Rhodiola) into one elite 'super-pill' - Military Mind.

These five vetted ingredients are available from nowhere else in this form, quality and combination.

They are dosed at just the right level.

And they work synergistically to create the super-mind effects that military insiders demand and require in any kind of high-pressure, (covert or overt) tactical combat situation. (I'm talking about 'situations' that are far beyond most people's experience).

Amazing feedback...

Initially we started to garner feedback on Military Mind with some of our own military contacts.

Their feedback blew us away.

Unreal levels of focus, massive motivation, more energy and drive. Plus, their ability to handle stress became as easy as unloading a magazine at target practice.

Once word got out, we were flooded with military insiders who became fans of The Military Mind.

The reason military and elite soldiers love this stuff is simple:

Just by taking a simple pill - you too can enter the mindset of a special forces soldier.

I'm talking about clarity and focus beyond your wildest expectations and the ability to 'get things done' in any combat (or non-combat, aka 'civilian') situation at a level that has to be experienced to be believed.

Many users also report a large boost in energy and motivation.

Military Mind is the super-pill that the military guys are using right now to get an edge on the front-lines (over their enemies, and even over their fellow soldiers).

The good news is - as well as it works for them, it can now work for you too.

Because Military Mind is now available to civilians too - albeit only to groups of people and publishers we deem suitable and qualified to handle it.

If you're reading this now - that's great news.

You're clearly someone who already thinks differently than the 'crowd' - and who wants to develop a steel-trap mind that can commandeer, demolish and bull-doze any task, situation or scenario that comes your way.

As such - you're qualified to access Military Mind for yourself.

So how much does it cost to gain access to this elite super-pill?

Well, as mentioned, if you've made it to this page - you're cleared for access.

You're obviously NOT one of the 'crowd'...

In short, you're the kind of man who thinks differently than the great unwashed masses...and will see the value in using Military Mind in ordinary civilian life.

So we'd like to invite you to try Military Mind

 for yourself...

The fee to trial Military Mind on an invitation-only (classified basis) is usually $89.95 per box.

That will secure you a 30-day supply.

However, to build ground-swell demand and get feedback from civilians - we'd like to extend to you a trial pack at a heavily discounted rate.

Your price is just $49.95 today for a trial box. You can, if you wish, choose to lock in that price and subscribe for an even lower price of $44.95 per month (and we recommend that - to ensure you're locked in at this initial ground-floor price).

Each pill is blister-packed for freshness and durability.

And each box contains a month's supply of capsules that will put you into a military mindset within hours (even minutes) of your first dose.

The introductory price we're offering Military Mind at (to the civilian population) is chump-change for the benefits it can bestow.

Greater clarity, ease and focus…the ability to handle stress more easily...more energy and the ability to decisively 'sniper' any task that's thrown your way.

Fact is, Military Mind is needed today more than ever.

Military Mind is YOUR weapon in the fight against modern-life.

It's like a war out there.

And having this elite super-pill in your armoury is literally like using a nuclear weapon against your goals - and your competition.

The Military Mind will multiply the force of your mind many times over - giving you the mindset needed to plough through your goals like a howitzer through a shanty town.

In short, it's your military-grade combat weapon for developing a strong-as-stainless-steel mindset.

It's the tactical super-pill that will separate you from the ordinary civilian - no matter who you are now.

It doesn't matter your age...your current mindset...or who you are.

None of those things matter.

All that matters is that you harness this tactical grade elite super-pill - to improve your life in so many ways.

But just one warning.

We ask you NOT to disclose information about Military Mind outside of this private letter.

In short, chances are you've come to this page through a publisher friend of ours.

A friendly reminder: this information is classified.

We ask you that the details you've been made privy to today are not shared on social media, or any other traditional (civilian) media.

If you're the man we think you are, you already know that this kind of material shouldn't be shared.

Especially - given the current times we're living in.

Try Military Mind today...

All orders for Military Mind are shipped from our base HQ in the UK. Shipping usually takes around 5 days, depending on where you are based.

We also want to extend to you a no-bull*** guarantee.

In short, if you try Military Mind, and you're not blown away by the results - simply email us, and we'll refund you in full.

No need to even return the box...just let us know.

You're one of us, and we trust you to be fair.

On this no-holds-barred, no-risk basis, I invite you to trial Military Mind for yourself today.

Click the 'Gain Access Now' button below. You can do it any time, 24-hours a day.

Ready - aim - fire.

Let's do this.

Try Military Mind for yourself, today.


Ian G.

Publisher, UKFightLab.com




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